US Maps

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The United States of America is one of those countries that are highly advanced in tracing maps. If one is interested in the United States and the geography of America, large laminated maps are waiting for you. Maps are designed and made colorful, durable, educational and above all affordable. The map shows states and country boundaries. It represents states capitals and major cities. It also highlights mountain ranges, national parks, etc. Maps are made attractive by making them available in two color palettes and make them suitable to display anywhere. The map may also include political and physical features. 

Why are maps used?

Maps are based on symbols such as lines and different colors to show features. It exhibits rivers, roads, cities, and mountains. These symbols help us to see things on the ground. One of the greatest advantages of maps is that they tell us the distances so we get to know how far one place is from another. You need to use a map during many activities. Such as hill walking or cycling. For long road journeys, you again need a map to guide you in the shortest route to your destination. Maps exhibit all the geographical traits of a region.

The geographical position of the US

United States of America is located in the continent of North America. It is connected with Canada on the north border, Mexico is on its south, North Atlantic Ocean at its east and the Pacific Ocean at its west. It has a diverse ecosystem. There are 60 national parks in the country. The highest point in the country is Mount McKinley in Alaska. The lowest point is the Death Valley in California. 

Maps of USA

In the country so big like America it is difficult to remember every route and state. For this they have managed to provide the map of every station, state, road, city, and parks, etc. you cannot get lost in the country of huge area. Some of the maps present in the states are:

1. State maps

There are 50 states in the USA. For every state, you can find a map that mentions the water bodies, roads, infrastructure, airports, counties or towns, highways, and specific stations. Some of the state’s maps are mentioned below.

  • California. It is the third-largest state of the US. It is spread over 163,696 square miles in radius. It lies on the west coast with border lining of Pacific Ocean. The total length of California is 800 miles from north to south. You can easily find the maps of California regarding different categories that are: California state map, California county map, cities in California, map of northern California, map of southern California, coastal map of California, etc.
  • New York. It was also known as New Amsterdam’s long age. It is on the 27th number concerning the region. It is the financial and cultural backbone of the USA. The total area of New York is 54,556 square miles. You can find a map of New York under New York state map, New York county map, New York City map, New York outline map, etc.
  • Colorado map: it is the eighth largest state of America. Its spread over 104,094 square miles. He map you will find will depict the boundaries, major cities, national parks, airports, lakes, and rivers, etc. you can find Colorado maps in Colorado state map, Colorado outline map, cities in Colorado.
  • Michigan Map: it is on number 10 in respect to population in America. You can easily find Michigan state map, Where is Michigan, Michigan Railroad Map, cities in Michigan, etc. 

2. US road maps:

This map will show the highways their numbers and routes around the country. A road map will depict the interstate road system. The network of highway and road is very advance in America. The connecting roads are very easy to find under this map.

3. US travel map:

It is the map that shows the location of the best and the most visited tourist spots in the states. The United States can be divided into eastern central and western United States. 

  • Eastern United States:

Kennedy Space Centre and South Beach are the best places to visit the eastern United States. Some historical places include The Statue of Liberty, Savannah historic district, and Walt Disney World. National Park located in the Smoky Mountains is the most visited national park. 

  • Central United States:

Yellowstone national park, The Rock and Roll hall of fame and the Navy Pier are the best places to visit. Central US is also called Mid-Western US. The heartland of America the popular point of interest. 

  • Western US:

The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Henry Doorly Zoo are the most famous tourist attractions in the US. Travel maps can guide you about the famous places in the USA. It provides you complete tourist guide.

4. Weather maps:

USA temperature map represents the temperature of the states. It also provides the average annual temperature of the USA. Consulting a weather map is very helpful. It provides very important information. It is always a good idea to check the weather map before heading out. You can get info about the weather. Such as the zone forecast, weather summary, hourly report, climate data, etc. weather map is separate for every state. You can also look into visibility, sky condition, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

5. Location maps of USA 

The USA is the third-largest country in the world. Its coastline is longer than its land boundary. The location map is used to locate America in the world. 

6. Topographic map:

It includes wall maps, online maps and county maps. They are customized according to the preference. The USA is consist of a diverse landscape. Temperate forests, rolling hills, low mountains, great lakes, mangrove wetlands are all shown in the topographic US map.

7. US river maps:

The US river maps show various rivers, lakes and water bodies across the country. The USA consists of 250,000 rivers. The longest river is the Missouri River with a length of 2,540 miles. River maps are present for every state and every river. 

8. Other USA maps

Some of other USA maps are:

  • US capitals map
  • US counties maps
  • Major cities map
  • Interstate maps
  • US rail maps
  • Time zone map
  • Regions maps of USA

The United States of America is a huge country. To move around in the states you have to be aware of all the possible routes and areas. To make the life of the citizens and visitors easy, the government of the USA has allotted the responsibility of mapping the areas to a fixed department. It is their job to publish all types of maps of the USA.